The Producer is a small production company self initiated by Irene Paz and surrounded by many freelance talent  across Spain


Irene Paz is Multitasking Producer with 12 years experience in organization and management of any kind of photo shoots and events.


She has combined the fashion & advertising photo production with the cultural management of events related with the media. For example, Revelat (1st Analog Photographic Festival of the world) and Madrid 1st Fashion Film Festival (that merges the best creativity and new techniques)


She has produced many international campaigns and collaborated with high-end photographers and illustrators.


Due to her experience as Service producer & agency producer & Head of Production in the best companies,  she feels comfortable with every project and work structure.





Volkswagen, H&M, H&M Home, Ikea, Coca Cola, Wrangler, Nivea, Mango, Asos, Vogue, Huawei, Dolce & Gabbana, Multiopticas, Seagrams, Cortefiel, MTV, Repsol, Cornetto, Google, Moritz, KFC, Mangum, Antonio Miro ... among many others


Mario Testino, Mikael Jansson, Mitch Jenkins, The Wade Brothers, Hasse Nielsen, Honer Akrawi, Nial O´Brian, Sean Thomas, Hamish Brown, Dean Rogers, Rafa Gallar, Richard Ramos, Kristina Fender, Carles Carabí, Paloma Rincon, Javier Tles, Alberto Van Stokkum, Marc Palencia, Manolo Yllera, Alicia Aguilera, Alberto Escudero, Oskar Falk, Mariano Herrera ...