VELASCO & HU is a creative couple consisting of Carlos Velasco from Madrid and Kate Hu from Taipei.




Carlos began his career as photographer, working with multinational brands such as Loewe Perfumes, Reebok, Martell Cognac. Not long after he started making music videos, his poetic and emotional visual style led him to various commissioned works of TV commercials and fashion films.


Hu is a marketing and brand professional, having worked 10 years across fashion, watches and jewellery, wine and spirits industries for major players such as Lacoste, Vivienne Westwood, Valentino, Gucci, and Absolut Vodka, she knows how to connect the viewers with conceptual ideas.


The couple met in Ibiza in 2013. Since then, they teamed up to create transcendent, story-telling, artistic and cinematic photographs and films across Europe and Asia.

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